The Journey




The Brand 

Drevait is a designer brand, crafted in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean. We design limited, and one-of-a-kind pieces that offer a refreshing take on the Caribbean aesthetic.

As the name describes, Drevait caters to the woman who is on-the go, with only one mission in mind:

To experience what life has to offer!

What we do

Our pieces are individually handcrafted, with the purpose of merging Caribbean inspiration with a modern refinement that appeals to a global audience. This is done through the use of texture, print, handpainting, and the use of unconventional materials to achieve the desired look.

Our pieces are for the traveller, the on-the-go woman, the "Hot Foot", and the go-getter, and we aim provide our "Drevistas" with a lifestyle experience, not just a product. Carry the Caribbean with you.